I want to be a Viso Bello body massage member but I’m just not sure how the whole process works! - Viso Bello Day SpaViso Bello Day Spa

I want to be a Viso Bello body massage member but I’m just not sure how the whole process works!

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January 4, 2015
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I want to be a Viso Bello body massage member but I’m just not sure how the whole process works!

It’s actually very simple! At Viso Bello, we boast 14 treatment rooms and nearly 17 Licensed Massage Therapists! A 60 minute Deep Tissue, Swedish or Sports massage at Viso Bello will cost you $124. HOWEVER, if you enroll in our massage membership, you only pay $79 for this 60 minute Deep Tissue, Swedish or Sports massage. Why?

By enrolling in our membership, you are committing to pay $79 on the first of every month for this massage on a valid credit card. You can schedule this massage ANY day of the month. It’s yours. Let’s say, one month are are sooo busy you couldn’t schedule that massage for that month…no worries, that massage rolls over to the next month! You never lose it.

The enrollment fee is $158. That’s your first massage and your 2nd massage up front for the following month. After that, there is NO commitment. You can cancel your membership at any time.

So, let me demonstrate a scenario to have this make crystal clear sense:

In April, Amy gets a GREAT massage at Viso Bello. When she goes to pay for that massage, she is informed of the membership at check out. She’s told that if she wants to enroll in the membership she will have to pay $158. That’s $79 for the massage she just had (instead of $124) and $79 for the massage she will get in the month of May. That’s her entire commitment. She will then be told that starting June 1….her credit card will be charged $79 for her June massage, July 1 ($79) for her July massage, etc etc until she cancels.

Amy loves this so much, she stays in the membership for a year. But she realizes that she never had her August Massage nor did she have her December massage. She was just too busy! NO PROBLEM. Though she paid for those massages months ago, she NEVER loses them. She can always make those up when she has the time.

Now, we also have a 90 MINUTE body massage membership that works EXACTLY the same as our 60 MINUTE body massage membership but this is for those who like longer massages! Our prices for our 90min massages range from $155 to $165. On the 90 minute membership, we charge only $99 for those massages and the concept is exactly the same as our 60 min membership. PLUS…ALL $99 members get a choice a variety of other services valued at over $125 and over for just $99!

The best part? Let’s say you get addicted to massages like many of our clients do, and you want to come in for a SECOND time in the SAME month? Your massage is always at the membership price! So, if you want a second massage at Viso Bello, it’s Not $124, it’s  $79! If you wanted a 2nd 90min massage in the same month, it’s NOT $155-$165, It’s $99!

Our massage membership is a very affordable way to make time for yourself in one of the best day spas in Connecticut!

Dan Settani,