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It’s my first time visiting Viso Bello. What should I expect?

I want to be a Viso Bello body massage member but I’m just not sure how the whole process works!
January 4, 2015
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It’s my first time visiting Viso Bello. What should I expect?

Great question!

First off, you should expect a great time and we are looking forward to your visit.  However, there are some things to be aware of, just to ensure your stay with us is the best it can be!

Try to be here at least 15 minutes before your first scheduled appointment.  We would like you to fill out some paperwork, and tour our spa before your services.  If you are having multiple services such as a facial and body massage, you will need to get changed into a robe & smock …so all of this will take some time.

We are a BUSY spa, so please be aware that LATE arrivals do run the risk of getting their services shortened to accommodate other clients after you, so getting here early is BEST!

Viso Bello does not allow gratuities to be placed on credit cards or any type of gift certificate or gift cards.  However, we do offer an on-site ATM for your convenience!

We do not offer salon (hair) services at Viso Bello, so just be aware of this as your hair can tend to get a little frazzled during facials and body massages and we do not have salon services to tidy this up. So, if you have plans after your services, bring whatever you may need to freshen up.  We can provide you with a shower, and we do offer make up touch ups but PLEASE inform us of this BEFORE your scheduled date so we can schedule you accordingly. For an additional fee, we can also provide lunch during your stay. This is good to know in case you intend on staying with us for a good portion of the day! So if you are interested in this option, let us know before your scheduled date and we can schedule lunch accordingly to coincide with your service (s).

Lastly, we do require a 24 advance notice for all cancellations.   If you do not cancel within 24 hours or simply do not show for your appointment(s), you do run the risk of having the full price of the service(s) charged to your credit card. We understand that ”life” happens, we just ask that you keep us informed of it.

Should there be anything you require before your stay or have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you and we are looking forward to your visit.